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Heli-canyoning <br/>in Krasnaya Polyana

- Unique experience living in the mountains -

in Krasnaya Polyana

There’s no mountain high enough

Heli-canyoning is gaining popularity worldwide, of course, here in the Caucasus Mountains the situation is the same. It’s a fun and challenging activity as you will get to do it in one of the most inaccessible areas of the mountains. It’s a great adventure and another way to marvel at the beauty of the nature and breathtaking views in the mountains. We bet the photos will come out absolutely unbelievable and you will proudly show them off to all your friends and family.

Naturally, you will be taken to the place for heli-canyoning by a helicopter and picked up as well. We are sure that you will remember this special trip for a long time, as it’s indeed a life-time experience.

If you want to order heli-canyoning, please, get in touch with our sales department:, 8 862 243 97 99

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